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David Magnuson
David MagnusonEsq., CFP®

As one of California’s top divorce professionals, David has guided over 1,200 clients through the divorce process. He draws from an unusualy broad background in wealth management, estate planning, tax analysis and family law to help clients efficiently navigate the divorce process and achieve their goals afterward. David earned a JD with honors from Georgetown University and a BA from Stanford University.


Janelle Magnuson
Janelle MagnusonMFT

Janelle has over ten years of experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has supported hundreds of clients as they navigate challenging life circumstances, and she enjoys helping individuals obtain clarity and a sense of well being as they face a journey of self-exploration. Janelle earned a BS from the University of California Los Angeles and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from California State East Bay.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce is difficult under the best of circumstances, and the emotional upheaval that accompanies the process is frequently compounded by legal and financial uncertainty. As divorce coaches, David and Janelle help clients synthesize their concerns into a comprehensive plan for not only surviving the divorce process, but also thriving afterward.

Divorce coaching clients benefit from knowing that (a) their legal strategy won’t obscure the importance of their emotional wellbeing, and (b) their financial future will be safeguarded in the face of challenging self-exploration.

In a word, divorce coaching offers synergymultiple priorities are addressed without losing sight of the big picture.


We can assist clients with any (or all) of the following:

Financial Planning:

From creating a plan that meets clients’ short-term and long-term financial goals, to completing a detailed analysis of different asset division strategies, to advising clients on revising their estate plans, David offers clients critical financial advice in an easy-to-digest manner.

Investment Management:

David acts as an investment manager for select clients both during, and long after, the divorce process. He pursues robust long-term growth for his clients through a continually balanced portfolio of diversified investments, and he believes that attempting to beat the financial markets by timing the purchase of individual stocks is rarely productive. As an investment advisor, David enjoys establishing life-long relationships with his clients.

Legal Coaching:

While David does not represent clients directly as a divorce attorney, he frequently draws upon his experience as a top attorney-mediator to help clients work effectively with their counsel and/or mediator and formulate a strategy for navigating the legal challenges of the divorce process as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Janelle draws from a wealth of experience as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to help clients work through the emotional turmoil that surrounds the many stages of the divorce process, from the often-excruciating decision to end a marriage to the challenges associated with entering new relationships years later.


David helps illustrate financial information specific to the client in an understandable format, is extremely well-versed in family law, clearly interprets matters of spousal support and child support for families in unique divorce situations, and offers unrestricted time outside of meetings to answer questions, even on weekends / holidays / late evenings.

Ming May

Writing about therapy is a delicate task due to the hugely personal nature of the profession, but I can say without reservation that Janelle is truly remarkable at what she does. She has brought the perfect blend of insight, compassion, and tough love into my life, and I’m definitely the better for it. I’m a happier person thanks to my work with her, and I can’t think of a higher compliment than that. While 99% of the equation is Janelle and her skill set, I have to say that her office is truly beautiful and comfortable and a nice reflection of the work she does.


Divorce sucks. It just does. But luckily having a steady hand to steward you through the complicated process makes it possible to get through. David is a natural — thoughtful, empathetic, and efficient. It was a pleasure working with him during a very challenging time.


David is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. I was repeatedly impressed by his responsiveness and attention to detail. I asked A LOT of questions, but he always took the time to not only respond promptly, but to also provide a detailed explanation of the reasoning/applicable laws. He was very upfront about everything, including the billing process, and so I knew exactly what to expect and there were no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. His professional but relaxed demeanor immediately put me at ease. Working with David was definitely one of the easier and more enjoyable aspects of my divorce – I even managed to have a laugh now and then.


I have referred clients to Janelle for many years, and I have received nothing but glowing feedback about her work. She is a top-notch therapist, and she maintains a nice balance between warmth and no-nonsense advice (when appropriate, of course). Clients come to see her from all over the Peninsula, the City and even the East Bay for a reason. Becoming a marriage and family therapist requires a huge amount of training, and becoming a good therapist requires countless hours of experience. Rising above simply being “good,” however, takes something intangible that is hard to define, and not everyone has it. Well, Janelle definitely has that special something, and I will continue to refer clients to her without reservation.


David was fair, honest, competent and helpful from the very first stages of my divorce all the way through to it becoming final (and even beyond!). He is an attorney and financial expert, though he could easily add counselor/therapist to his list of services. He is professional, very knowledgeable and has a calm, patient presence. I did not initiate my divorce and was somewhat resistant to the process at first, but because of his facilitative approach and attention to detail, I felt comfortable and empowered through all of the decision making.



Financial & Legal Coaching:

David bills clients at $525 per hour for coaching.

Investment Management:

David does not charge his investment management clients an hourly fee for his investment advisory services, nor does he ever accept any fees or compensation from third parties for product sales.  Instead, as a fee-only advisor and a fiduciary for his clients, David charges a fee based on a percentage of assets under management.


Janelle bills clients at $200 per session for psychotherapy.


We are pleased to work with clients from all over the world via teleconference (Skype or Facetime are two of many possibilities). Accordingly, in-person meetings are not necessary, but clients who live in the Bay Area typically do come to our office in Burlingame.
Absolutely. We are here to help in any way that we can, and if you prefer to meet only with (a) Janelle for individual therapy, or (b) David for financial planning, investment management, or legal coaching, that is perfectly fine. While some clients do utilize all three of the services we offer, others require only one or two services.

We only share information with each other with your explicit permission. That being said, our team approach to guiding clients through the divorce process is greatly enhanced if we are able to share notes and jointly come up with a strategy for moving forward.

Yes. Most of our coaching clients choose to either work with (a) a mediator, or (b) a collaborative family law attorney who will negotiate the terms of their divorce with their spouse. We strongly endorse the mediation process, and we encourage clients to avoid litigation in all but the most dire of circumstances. With many hundreds of successful mediations under his belt, David is well versed in acting as a legal coach to clients in mediation. When clients hire David prior initiating divorce proceedings, he coaches them on how to best begin the legal process. Making a misstep at the onset of a divorce by hiring the wrong family law professional can be catastrophic, and using a divorce coach can dramatically reduce the cost of mediation and/or divorce litigation.

Yes, David offers his services as an investment advisor to clients who need help managing investment and retirement accounts with a combined balance exceeding $500,000.  For financial planning clients with less then $500,000 in investible assets, David will recommend an appropriate low-cost investment strategy.

We find divorce coaching deeply fulfilling. While working with clients during one of the most stressful junctures in their lives can be daunting, we take great pride in guiding our clients through the divorce process efficiently and helping them thrive afterward.

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